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A nice thing about America is that ,it is made up of people from differenet civilizations ,and they proudly says that they live together with peace and equal oppurtunties there.Different people from different civilizations means different languages,but official  language of America was English and this combitnation of people give birth of a version of English language ,we know as American English.

This thing helps english in a great deal to become as an international lanuage ,because when different people use english as a medium in their conversation they don’t waste their abilities to speak correct english but they try to make the other one understand what they want to say.Other people also not says Hey! you are doing it wrong ,but they also tries to understand what first ones are  trying to say and if they are not able to they ask for clarification.In this way they are achieving their purpose of communication.                                                                                               

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Green Bus Service ,A Popular Decision or Populas

Once in a tv program(as far as i remember it was “the Khula tazad show”) Ex.Finance minister Sartaj Aziz said , Nawaz Sharif is not a popular leader but a populous one ,he always took populous decision instead of popular ones.

I think whole PML(N) follows his footprints.This writing is about recently inaugurated “Green Bus Service” between  Sheikhupura and Lahore. 

the normal bus service started from Monday 17, December and i was the first passenger from Sheikhupura to Lahore.I would like to benefits and problems one by one.  

If we ignore all other factors, this a really good AC bus service, having cheap fare rate of Rs.40 from Nabipura bus stand to Lahore Railway station and it service after every 15 mins,very low as comparative to a private AC bus servive having Rs.130 as service after 50 min.I am witness to that to it service after 15 mins because during my travel to lahore i saw 5 other that type of buses going towards Sheikhupura in appox 75 mins .image

A very useful and satisfactory thing about that people now people get rid of troubles created by “transport mafia”.People were really fed of their dis respective behavior ,over loading and overcharging and everyday increase in fare.Other thing is that now ladies can travel in a respective way.

Meanwhile i want to say a little about the traditional way of behavior of general public ,i am not pointing every one but some people ought to know sensible way of traveling .I found some people forcing conductor to stop on some points on which bus was not allowed to stop on route ,same was matter while charging fare.

An improvement in the bus service could be to reduce the duration of traveling for a better service and a better experience for the passengers.


Now ,lets come to the matter as the title of the blog says , my question is that  

a service like this from a decade or a score or even more .even though why it took 5 years to Punjab Government to initiate it ,and why then? when elections are nearby, In Sheikhupura around my hood all streets were under maintenance , sewerage lines were being deploying.I listen some one that MNA of the constituency will be there in a week or 10 day to inaugurate a even relatively bigger sewerage plan for the that area.

Question is still there all this near elections ,why it took approximately 5 years.

All actions depends upon intentions.Many critics and opponents said   that “Metro Bus Service “plan is a  bundle of corruption and mian saab deployed all steel of  their steel mill in this project , they will take back this steel after 5 or 10 years when it become rusted and refine it again.they also says Punjab Government should do it in more substantial and lasting way, although i think it is a useful and needed project at this time.

No one can judge their intentions but all these things and their timing  put it in doubt ,making all these things populous instead of popular. 

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